ScriptCard Prescription Discount Program and $6 Generics List

No prescription insurance or need a medication not covered under your plan? Wilson Pharmacy's ScriptCard Prescription Discount Program is here to help. Members get special discounts off the cash price of thousands of brand-name and generic medications as well as access to our $6 Generics List.

Contact the pharmacy to request a price quote to determine how much you can save by joining the program.

Note: This program is not medical insurance, it is designed to save you money on your prescriptions.

Program details

Membership fee required ($10 individual or $15 family per year). Persons receiving benefits from a Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare or Champus programs are not eligible to participate. Membership may be cancelled within 30 days of enrollment effective date for a full refund.

The annual membership period shall require renewal each year becoming due on the member's enrollment anniversary date.

Family membership includes member, spouse and any dependents under the age of 26.

The Program is not a Medicare Prescription drug plan.

See below for details on $6 Generics List pricing and qualifying drugs.


$6 Generics List: (May 2018)

Acyclovir                                          200mg                               Cap       

Albuterol                                         0.08% Ihl       

Albuterol                                         0.08% Ihl       

Alendronate                                        70mg                                Tab       

Alendronate                                        35mg                                Tab       

Amitriptyline                                      10mg                                Tab       

Amitriptyline                                      10mg                                Tab       

Amlodipine Besylate                                2.5mg                               Tab       

Amlodipine Besylate                                5mg                                 Tab       

Amlodipine Besylate                                10mg                                Tab       

Amoxicillin                                        250mg                               Cap       

Amoxicillin                                        500mg                               Cap       

Amoxicillin                                        125mg/5ml                           Sus       

Amoxicillin                                        250mg/5ml                           Sus       

Amoxicillin Bid                                    400mg/5ml                           Sus       

Amoxicillin Bid                                    200mg/5ml                           Sus       

Atenolol                                           25mg                                Tab       

Atorvastatin                                       10mg                                Tab       

Atorvastatin                                       20mg                                Tab       

Atorvastatin                                       40mg                                Tab       

Benazepril                                         5mg                                 Tab       

Benazepril                                         10mg                                Tab       

Benazepril                                         20mg                                Tab       

Benazepril                                         40mg                                Tab       

Bisoprolol/HCTZ                                    2.5mg/6.25mg                        Tab       

Bisoprolol/HCTZ                                    5mg/6.25mg                          Tab       

Bisoprolol/HCTZ                                    10mg/6.25mg                         Tab       

Buspirone                                          10mg                                Tab       

Buspirone                                          5mg                                 Tab       

Buspirone                                          15mg                                Tab       

Carbidopa/Levodopa                                 25mg/100mg                          Tab       

Carvedilol                                         25mg                                Tab       

Carvedilol                                         12.5mg                              Tab       

Carvedilol                                         3.125mg                             Tab       

Carvedilol                                         6.25mg                              Tab       

Cephalexin                                         250mg                               Cap       

Cephalexin                                         500mg                               Cap       

Chlorhexidine Gluconate                           0.12% Liq       

Citalopram                                         20mg                                Tab       

Citalopram                                         40mg                                Tab       

Citalopram                                         10mg                                Tab       

Clonidine                                          .1mg                                Tab       

Clonidine                                          .2mg                                Tab       

Clonidine                                          .3mg                                Tab       

Clopidogrel                                        75mg                                Tab       

Cyclobenzaprine                                    10mg                                Tab       

Cyclobenzaprine                                    5mg                                 Tab       

Dicyclomine                                        10mg                                Cap       

Dicyclomine                                        20mg                                Tab       

Divalproex DR                                      250mg                               Tab       

Donepezil                                          10mg                                Tab       

Donepezil                                          5mg                                 Tab       

Enalapril/HCTZ                                     10mg/25mg                           Tab       

Enalapril/HCTZ                                     5mg/12.5mg                          Tab       

Escitalopram                                       10mg                                Tab       

Escitalopram                                       20mg                                Tab       

Famotidine                                         20mg                                Tab       

Famotidine                                         40mg                                Tab       

Finasteride                                        5mg                                 Tab       

Fluconazole                                        150mg                               Tab       

Fluoxetine                                         10mg                                Cap       

Fluoxetine                                         20mg                                Cap       

Folic Acid                                         1mg                                 Tab       

Furosemide                                         20mg                                Tab       

Furosemide                                         40mg                                Tab       

Furosemide                                         80mg                                Tab       

Gabapentin                                         100mg                               Cap       

Gabapentin                                         300mg                               Cap       

Gabapentin                                         400mg                               Cap       

Glimepiride                                        1mg                                 Tab       

Glimepiride                                        2mg                                 Tab       

Glimepiride                                        4mg                                 Tab       

Glipizide                                          10mg                                Tab       

Glipizide                                          5mg                                 Tab       

Glyburide Micronized                               6mg                                 Tab       

Glyburide/Metformin                                2.5/500mg                           Tab       

Glyburide/Metformin                                5/500mg                             Tab       

Guanfacine                                         1mg                                 Tab       

Hydralazine                                        10mg                                Tab       

Hydralazine                                        100mg                               Tab       

Hydralazine                                        25mg                                Tab       

Hydralazine                                        50mg                                Tab       

Hydrochlorothiazide                                25mg                                Tab       

Hydrochlorothiazide                                50mg                                Tab       

Hydrochlorothiazide                                12.5mg                              Cap       

Hydrocortisone                                    2.50% Cre       

Hydrocortisone                                    2.50% Oin       

Hydroxyzine                                        10mg                                Tab       

Hydroxyzine                                        25mg                                Tab       

Hydroxyzine Pamoate                                25mg                                Cap       

Hydroxyzine Pamoate                                50mg                                Cap       

Ibuprofen                                          400mg                               Tab       

Ibuprofen                                          600mg                               Tab       

Ibuprofen                                          800mg                               Tab       

Ibuprofen                                          100mg/5ml                           Sus       

Imipramine                                         10mg                                Tab       

Indomethacin                                       25mg                                Cap       

Ipratropium Bromide                               0.02% Ihl       

Ipratropium Bromide                               0.02% Ihl       

Lactulose                                          10gm/15ml                           Sol       

Lactulose                                          10gm/15ml                           Sol       

Lamotrigine                                        100mg                               Tab       

Lamotrigine                                        25mg                                Tab       

Lamotrigine                                        150mg                               Tab       

Lamotrigine                                        200mg                               Tab       

Lamotrigine                                        200mg                               Tab       

Levobunolol                                       0.50% ODR       

Lisinopril                                         10mg                                Tab       

Lisinopril                                         20mg                                Tab       

Lisinopril                                         40mg                                Tab       

Lisinopril                                         5mg                                 Tab       

Lisinopril                                         2.5mg                               Tab       

Lisinopril                                         30mg                                Tab       

Lisinopril/HCTZ                                    20/12.5mg                           Tab       

Lisinopril/HCTZ                                    20/25mg                             Tab       

Lisinopril/HCTZ                                    10/12.5mg                           Tab       

Lithium Carbonate                                  150mg                               Cap       

Lithium Carbonate                                  300mg                               Cap       

Losartan                                           25mg                                Tab       

Losartan                                           50mg                                Tab       

Losartan                                           100mg                               Tab       

Losartan/HCTZ                                      50/12.5mg                           Tab       

Losartan/HCTZ                                      100/25mg                            Tab       

Losartan/HCTZ                                      100/12.5mg                          Tab       

Lovastatin                                         20mg                                Tab       

Lovastatin                                         40mg                                Tab       

Lovastatin                                         10mg                                Tab       

Meloxicam                                          7.5mg                               Tab       

Meloxicam                                          15mg                                Tab       

Metformin                                          500mg                               Tab       

Metformin                                          850mg                               Tab       

Metformin                                          1000mg                              Tab       

Metformin ER                                       500mg                               Tab       

Metformin ER                                       750mg                               Tab       

Methocarbamol                                      500mg                               Tab       

Methocarbamol                                      750mg                               Tab       

Metoclopramide                                     5mg/5ml                             Sol       

Metoclopramide                                     10mg                                Tab       

Metoclopramide                                     5mg                                 Tab       

Metoprolol                                         100mg                               Tab       

Metoprolol                                         50mg                                Tab       

Metoprolol                                         25mg                                Tab       

Mirtazapine                                        15mg                                Tab       

Montelukast Sod                                    10mg                                Tab       

Naproxen                                           250mg                               Tab       

Naproxen                                           375mg                               Tab       

Naproxen                                           500mg                               Tab       

Omeprazole DR                                      20mg                                Cap       

Omeprazole DR                                      40mg                                Cap       

Oxybutynin                                         5mg/5ml                             Syr       

Pantoprazole                                       40mg                                Tab       

Pantoprazole                                       20mg                                Tab       

Paroxetine                                         10mg                                Tab       

Paroxetine                                         20mg                                Tab       

Penicillin VK                                      250mg/5ml                           Sus       

Penicillin VK                                      250mg                               Tab       

Pioglitazone                                       15mg                                Tab       

Pramipexole Di-HCl                                 1.5mg                               Tab       

Pramipexole Di-HCl                                 .125mg                              Tab       

Pramipexole Di-HCl                                 .25mg                               Tab       

Pramipexole Di-HCl                                 0.5mg                               Tab       

Pramipexole Di-HCl                                 0.75mg                              Tab       

Prednisone                                         5mg                                 Tab       

Prochlorperazine                                   5mg                                 Tab       

Promethazine                                       25mg                                Tab       

Promethazine                                       50mg                                Tab       

Promethazine                                       12.5mg                              Tab       

Promethazine                                       25mg                                Tab       

Quetiapine                                         25mg                                Tab       

Quetiapine                                         50mg                                Tab       

Ramipril                                           2.5mg                               Cap       

Ramipril                                           5mg                                 Cap       

Ramipril                                           10mg                                Cap       

Ranitidine                                         150mg                               Tab       

Risperidone                                        1mg                                 Tab       

Risperidone                                        2mg                                 Tab       

Risperidone                                        .25mg                               Tab       

Risperidone                                        .5mg                                Tab       

Ropinirole                                         .25mg                               Tab       

Ropinirole                                         1mg                                 Tab       

Ropinirole                                         2mg                                 Tab       

Ropinirole                                         .5mg                                Tab       

Sertraline                                         25mg                                Tab       

Sertraline                                         50mg                                Tab       

Sertraline                                         100mg                               Tab       

Simvastatin                                        5mg                                 Tab       

Simvastatin                                        10mg                                Tab       

Simvastatin                                        20mg                                Tab       

Simvastatin                                        40mg                                Tab       

Simvastatin                                        80mg                                Tab       

Sodium Fluoride                                    .25mg                               Ctb       

Sotalol                                            80mg                                Tab       

Spironolactone                                     25mg                                Tab       

Sulfameth/Trimeth                                  800mg/160mg                         Tab       

Sulfameth/Trimeth                                  800/160mg                           Tab       

Terazosin                                          1mg                                 Cap       

Terazosin                                          2mg                                 Cap       

Terazosin                                          5mg                                 Cap       

Terazosin                                          10mg                                Cap       

Timolol                                           0.25% ODR       

Timolol                                           0.50% ODR       

Tizanidine                                         2mg                                 Tab       

Tizanidine                                         4mg                                 Tab       

Topiramate                                         50mg                                Tab       

Topiramate                                         100mg                               Tab       

Topiramate                                         200mg                               Tab       

Topiramate                                         25mg                                Tab       

Torsemide                                          20mg                                          

Torsemide                                          20mg                                Tab       

Trazodone                                          50mg                                Tab       

Trazodone                                          100mg                               Tab       

Triamcinolone                                     0.10% Cre       

Trihexyphenidyl                                    2mg                                 Tab       

Trihexyphenidyl                                    5mg                                 Tab       

Valsartan                                          80mg                                Tab       

Verapamil                                                                              Tab       

Verapamil                                          80mg                                Tab